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Canola (or Rapeseed), in my experience, is a good feed for bees. (I'm mostly familiar with late season plantings, with late fall forage, actually.) It produces a nice, light honey with good flavor. It is a BIG nectar producer, and your bees should pack it out nicely. Canola also produces a good amount of pollen, which can be a yellowish-green to a school bus yellow.

The thing about Canola honey, and most oil seed honeys, is that it crystallizes fairly rapidly. This isn't a problem when left as feed for bees. It IS a problem if you're choosing to extract it later, as it my be crystallized in the comb.

Clover is more well rounded, nutritionally, for the bees. It's also more "popular" with most human consumers.

Either way, you're bees should be fine on either of these forages.

Happy Beekeeping,
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