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Newsletter November 2020 NY Bee Wellness

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🐝🐝🐝 NY Bee Wellness Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter November 2020
NY Bee Wellness

NY Bee Wellness - an independent grassroots educational 501c3

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  • OSU Insect University
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Now open! Fall Survey 2020 NY Bee Wellness

We would like to assess how 2020 was for NON-migratory New York State beekeepers and their beehives. Information may help to determine trends in honeybee health and enable beekeepers to see these trends. This is year 6 of the Fall Survey.
Please complete the survey as best as you can and write any comments you feel that can add to future surveys and improve the NY Bee Wellness program. Only some questions are required.
The survey usually takes about 10 minutes.
All info is confidential, and general results of the survey will be shared and posted on in January 2021.
Fall Survey 2020 NY Bee Wellness
For the results of previous surveys, please see the website ( Remember, results are broken down by regions within New York State.
Fall 2019 Survey results:
Questions? : [email protected]
Thank you!
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