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Hi there!

Glad you posted that. Just earlier
I clipped it from the Muskogee, Oklahoma
newspaper for our bee scrapbook.
Hubby mentioned posting this on the
Beesource board.

I'm glad the headline read "Africanized"
instead of "Killer Bees". The people
next door are from a tainted gene pool
and that's all we need is for her to
begin a neighborhood campaign that we're
raising 'killer' bees.

While I don't minimize the importance
of keeping an eye on these bees, I do
feel the media has added a bit of hogwash
to some of the stories.

Karen & Rog
Northeastern Oklahoma

The bee is such a busy soul, he has no time for birth control. And that is why, in times like these, there are so many sons of bees!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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