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newly inst. package backfilling

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I have a package or 2 out of 100 that is taking syrup down like crazy and backfilling the drawn combs I gave them and I want to know if I should be doing something to help the queen have a place to lay? Or should I just leave them do whatever they want? I don't want to stop feeding them and they have only been in the hive for around 5 days now. There is some comb space left but the frame feeder is down to an inch from the bottom (1 Gallon )

Anyone get much of this? what do you usually do?

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I would make sure they have a pollen pattie and quit feeding if it continues after another gallon. How many frames of drawn comb were you able to give each package? Are they working on the foundation at all? All that said, it is not a good idea to repeatedly bother packages until they have some brood going and after that only as necessary. Hey Ben! Yer the pro now! Make us proud of you! That was said with a smile, not a smirk, my friend. Vance
If possible, use a jar or can to feed in order to slow down the amount of syrup they can take. With 100 hives you're bound to have a few oddballs.
yes they all have pollen sub, I had 6 fully drawn frames with some that had honey/pollen, they have most of them filled up with syrup that contains Fum-B. I thought about just switching a frame or 2 with another package that isn't doing it and hope that gives the queen more room. I will refill the feeder first and see what happens, I did move the feeder away from the nest by 1 new frame with foundation, hoping they pay more attention to that then spending their days moving syrup :)
A feeder with less access (a jar lid with less and smaller holes) is the best way to still feed and yet keep them from backfilling. Or stop feeding if there is nectar coming in...
I have a bunch of cap and ladder feeders I could swap out instead of an open frame feeder with a float. Maybe I will do that
There is no flow here, there isn't any pollen coming in yet.
If the flow is on quit feeding alltogether.
Foundation will allow the queen to lay before workers draw it out enough to put nectar or syrup in. Place it in the broodnest....Once it is laid up the bees will draw it out in earnest.
Another way to slow the bees down on syrup is to give them 1:2 (1 part sugar to 2 parts water)...
I don't like messing with packages before they are settled and established, this is my main reason for asking about this. I will have to go up to the yard today or tomorrow and see what I can do for them. I have some ideas now and will just go with it and see what happens.

Thanks all
Sorry for such a Newbee question, Am I to understand the Queen will lay eggs on undrawn foundation in favor of drawn comb, or only if draw comb filled ? The nurse bees will instinctively draw comb around an egg ?
As the bees start drawing out foundation the queen will start laying in the partially drawn frames before the bees will start filling in the nectar. The bees will finish drawing out around the eggs and brood.
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