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OK, I know this is old stuff for many, and I know I shouldn't have let them get to the point of swarming, but what blast! One of my hives installed from a package just this year took off in a swarm this morning. I was out mowing the lawn and actually saw them leave the hive and settle on a nearby branch. I ran to get some equipment, slapped together a bottom board and cover, and headed out with ladder and lopping shears to retrieve the masses. They were only maybe 15 feet up, so a step ladder did the trick. I put the sheet out in front of the new hive, like it says in one of my books, trimmed the branches with the swarm on it, and just set the branches with about half the swarm right on top of the frames and the rest on the sheet. They took to their home almost immediately, and within and hour pretty much looked like any other hive. They are just amazing!

So, some questions.

1) This hive has been feeding voraciously all spring. Is that an indicator of hive strength, or likelihood of swarming or anything?

2) Should I requeen the swarm and/or the hive they came from?

3) I have a weak hive in my yard. Would it be a good idea to combine the swarm and the weaker colony?

4) Should I treat or medicate the swarm in any way?

5) Finally, the Mrs. took pics and some movies. What's the best way to post them?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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