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The only issue I would see at the bottom is that if the bag “releases” more feed than the bees can consume & your entrance is not extremely reduced, it will attract robbers, similar to a board man feeder that is not level or has to many holes in the lid..
Are we talking about ziplok bags of syrup here? Maybe I am missing something but when I have used bag feeders they did not release any liquid into the hive. I partially filled the bag with syrup and zipped the bag closed, laid it in the hive and (using a razor blade) cut two or three slits in the bag (near the center of the bag). This exposes the syrup but does not release it (if done properly). If needed I would press down on the bag to get a little syrup on top of the bag so the bees know food is there. The bees usually drained the bags almost completely without spilling a drop in the hive.
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