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Newbie from Minnesota

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HI everyone.

I just finished my 2 day crash course on beekeeping at the University of Minnesota and I'm looking forward to getting my first colony. Right now I'm in the process of searching for a mentor so I can at least have someone present with me when I hive my bees and do my first inspection. I'm a little nervous about going it alone.

I look forward to getting to know other beekeepers out there in the world :)
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Welcome, there are a bunch of us, especially worldwide.
Welcome. Born and raising in central Minn.

The nerves will settle down just fine...

Did Gary Reuter do the class?? Did you meet
Did Gary Reuter do the class?? Did you meet
Yes, both Marla and Gary did the class. He did the visuals on keeping the bees, she did the lecture. I thought it was a great experience. If I manage to find bees to buy this year I'll be returning for the 2nd course next year :)

Thanks for the welcoming everyone!
Welcome to the community! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
Did you find some bees? Last I heard Nature's Nectar in stillwater still had some. Might try B&B Honey farm in Houston, MN. Somewhere down south I think. Mann Lake gets a shipment in and I think you can still get an order in with them. Little bit of a drive but worth getting the bees if you can't find anything closer. Reminds me that I need to get my order in to them too.
If you havn't found bees, look to join a local beekeeping association. Once you attend a meeting, ask if anyone is willing to sell you a hive, or sell you a split. Around spring time, I'd be willing to bet someone would sell you a split for a decent price if it's your first. Just a thought though.

Pixie, it will be fine.:) If you can't find a real mentor, don't worry. This site has thousands of virtual mentors, and innumerable posts on almost every worry you have. A little searching goes a long way. If you are a visual learner look up "Hiving a package" on YouTube. There were lots of examples when I checked. I took the same course last year, the booklet they provided was excellent. Enjoy. Adrian.
Thank you Adrian :)

specialkayme and nuke, I found some bees :) Placing my order tomorrow morning and picking them up on April 21. Very exciting and scary at the same time.
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