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Hi all,

I did my first cut out and never saw the queen. The bees did not stay with the brood from their hive, that brood died and now the hive is weak and I suspect its queenless. The hive was especially mild during the cut out.

After returning to the cut out location I found a little bit of brand new new comb and two queen cells. I'm suspect (but can't be sure) that a worker bee laid the eggs for the 2 queen cells. The bees which are now in the nuc box are still very mild, even though they might be queenless. They look like they're foraging and I saw 3 bees take in pollen over a 2 day period.

I took the new queen cells out the old cut out location and put them in the 5 frame medium nuc box with the bees from that cut out. Then I robbed an established hive and gave the new nuc box one frame of honey with pollen and one frame of capped brood along with all the bees on those 2 frames.

When I robbed the hive to get the stores and brood I saw 2 queen cells on the same frame, which I left inside that hive.

What are your suggestions for my best next move?
1) leave the new nuc box as is and hope for the best?
2) take the frame with the 2 queen cells out of the established hive and put the queen cells in the new nuc box?
3) do suggestion 1 and then take the frame with the 2 queen cells and do a split?
4) other

I looked in the established hive about a week ago and looked for queen cells and saw none last week.

Thank you very much.
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