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Newbeek just wanting some feedback

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I hived a package on the 24th and did my first inspection today. I realized after watching video my husband shot of instalation, that I forgot to square up the frames apon closing up the hive. Today when opening the hive all seems ok there was comb built a little strange on one but I figured they were filling space I had left.(I will post picture when possible) I did not see my queen(she is unmarked) I believe I saw uncapped larvae. I didnt see any eggs.They arnt taking much sugar syrup but Im seeing them come in with lots of pollen. Just wanting to hear a little feed back. I am in a bee club and am taking the apprenticeship course offered. Thanks so much.:D
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Congratulations! Sounds like things are progressing normally.:thumbsup: If you have uncapped larva, you probably have all stages from there down to eggs. The eggs are hard to see when they are on freshly drawn comb (white on white). If you have any kind of nectar flow in your area, they might not take much sugar water (you obviously have something blooming, since they are bringing in pollen). I know it is hard, but be patient! You seem to be doing a good job. If the worse mistake you ever make is not squaring up your frames, you will be a "bee genius". Make a few more mistakes, so you don't make us mere mortals look so bad. Keep us posted.
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