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Newbee worries....
A friend and I are doing our first TBH this year with our sons. We built two hives and they both live, I believe happily, in my front yard in Seattle. I just thought I would throw out a few observations and see if there are any worries I might need to pursue.
First, we put in an observation window (plexiglass) with a door to keep the light out.
The windows show a lot of condensation, as does the follower board, which is moist and starting to look a little green. I can't imagine that is good. Should I open the bottom pull out door we made for a while to dry things out. It has, actually, been relatively dry and sunny for a couple nice spring weeks here (supposed to change tomorrow) so I am pretty clear the moisture is from their own temperature control mechanisms. Like I said, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and I am not sure that I should do this while it is wet outside, even though, obviously, the rain can't get in from the bottom. BUt maybe?
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