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newbee needs help

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I just started beekeeping with two hives. Transfeered them on Tuesday and did my first inspection today. I found the queen in one hive but in the other no queen. I was not able to see any eggs yet in either hive (I think I need more practice). The hive with out a visiable queen did have small larva but it also had this on the bottom of the frame... Do you thing it is a queen cell?, swarm cell or is it just beeswax honeycomb???what do you think?
Here is the link:
Thanks, Barb
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just beeswax honeycomb
That is what it looks like from here
thats just bur comb no need to worry it takes time to learn to spot a queen it helps to have her marked hang in there you will get the hang of it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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