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Newbee in Comanche County, Texas

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A gentleman called me today who is interested in starting with bees in Comanche County, Texas. That is in what I would call north central Texas, northeast of Waco about two hours.

If you are a beekeeper in this area or know of someone who would be willing to work with him, please contact me and let me put the two of you together. He would even be willing to have someone put bees on his land if you wish.



(979) 277-0411
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Doesn't northeast of Waco extend to Shreavport to Dallas and north west go to El Paso to Childress?:lpf: my old man's disease kicked in.

North WEST of Waco.

Sorry. I WAS looking at a map but got corn-fused!

Hey, I've only lived in Texas for 55 years. Give me a break!!!

That's still a ways from me(Lubbock area), but would be willing to visit with him.
I lived in Abilene for 8 years... ACBEES, everything is a ways from Lubbock in Texas! :lpf:
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