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Newbee from Pittsburgh

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Sorry for not introducing myself immediately.
We live in suburban Pittsburgh and ordered two packages for late April plus one for early May (all of them 3 pound Italian).
We plan to use IPM whenever possible and not to use "hard" chemicals unless absolutely necessary.
The bees will be kept in 10 frame mediums with screen bottom boards.
Due to the slow spring this year the two packages for late April were postponed to late May.
Do you think pollen paddies are necessary?
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EOs are better than the chemicals.That's my opinion,to each there own I respect that.Pollen patties attract hive beetles(Ithink they like them better than the bees do)at least in my area it seems that way.May not have a problem with that in your area.I would think there should be plenty of pollen coming in your area.Tenbears is on this forum,if he'd chime in I think he could be a wealth of knowledge for you.Just curious where'd you get your packages from?Welcome to the world of beekeeping,enjoy your bees!
The early May one is from Mountain Sweet Honey and the other two are from Kelley Bees, I do not blame them; the spring is slow this year.
I will read up on EO's since I don't really know much about them.
Full hive PS dusting seems like a good idea, I will probably use that.
Wolf Creek Apiaries web-site has Eos and recipes for their use.You can give them a call(they sell all of the EOs you need)John and Ruth are extremely nice and very helpful people.He knows more about EOs than anyone I know.
Welcome to BeeSource!
>We plan to use IPM whenever possible and not to use "hard" chemicals unless absolutely necessary.

They are never necessary...

>Do you think pollen paddies are necessary?

In the spring? Never. In a failed fall flow, maybe. But then what is touted as "pollen patties" are really "pollen substitute patties" and I don't think those are necessary at all...
What part pf Pgh? I am relatively near the airport.
We live several miles east of Downtown.

Is it necessary to treat the bees for mites with PS before hiving them?
Should the bees be poured on the bottom board or on the top bars?
Where should I put the queen?
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