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New type of frame

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Hello all,

In close on 3 years research into a new hive, we came up with a problem. He had to design a flat pack frame. What do you think?

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Can't get picture to upload.
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Your image may be too big. The maximum is 800 pixels in either direction, so you will have to resize it if it exceeds that, or exceeds 195Kb.
I don't currently have any plastic frames in my hives.

But small hive beetles are an issue here, and small places that offer refuge to beetles but are too small for the bees to get the beetles out are an issue for beekeepers with SHB issues.

While I understand that the frames pictured are made with those small spaces for manufacturing economy, selling them to beekeepers that have SHB issues may be a challenge.

P.S. You can put multiple images in one post. :)
yip starting to get SHB here and I'm about to ditch all my plastic frames because they have to many places for them to hide.
Thank you Graham,

SHB is seen as a minor issue for us in South Africa and will only be found in weak colonies. We designed our hive around the elimination of wood and launched a composite hive, as a flat pack system. We have eliminated the issues that wood bring to the colony. Product Furniture Architecture Display case
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Welcome, I think you have a great system started. I use plastic frames quite regularly, But I do not have a SHB problem. I use nematodes and a compacted material that makes life difficult for them to pupate around my hives. With 30 fully assembled frames per box storing new frames can take quite a bit of space. although your design may not be for everyone in every circumstance. I believe you have a winner.
Interesting concept. Have to disagree with your notions on SHBs though. Around here I don't care how strong the hive is, the beetles take a run at them. Too many nooks and crannies in this design. Eliminate them and you'd have a seller! But as they stand there are just too many places where the beetles could escape the bees. Personally I find cleaning up a slimed hive positively disgusting, so I'd never risk it at any price.


Hi Guys, thank you for all the input. We will remove the ribs and be back shortly to show you the new design.
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