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New treatment for varroa?

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STUDY ABOUT NATURAL TREATMENT WITH HORSETAIL (EQUISETUM ARVENSE) FOR CONTROL OF VARROA MITE (VARROA DESTRUCTOR) PERFORMED IN A HIVE OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, CHIAPAS MEXICOPaper prepared by Arturo Fuentes González Anaya Macotela Martin, Alfredo Castellanos J. Coutinho, Francisco Rodríguez Gallegos. Montes de Oca José E. Rodríguez and Miguel A. Orantes Zebadua Please download attached document


This research was conducted in the town of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. Mexico. Located between the coordinates 16 ° 44 '11 "north latitude and 93 ° 16' 56" west longitude with an altitude of 530 meters. Its land area is 414 km2. The objective of this research was to use horsetail (Equisetum arvense) at 20%, sugar syrup, and systemic approach to control varroa also the effectiveness of treatment was determined, without causing the death of young adult and larval bees anywhere. This research was conducted in three phases. Stage 1 - Quantification of the degree of infestation. Phase 2 -. Conformation of the experimental groups by drawing lots, each with three hives (hives infestation Alta) Phase 3 -. Implementation and evaluation of treatment. The results obtained in this investigation were. Of 30 samples analyzed by the technique of David de Jong, the 30 samples were positive and determined an overall prevalence of 100% in the range of (3.40 + 2.90). Regarding the acceptability of treatment (20% concentration) At 72 hours, had a 100% acceptance by the bees, in the three groups. With regard to the effectiveness of the treatment, described by formula Flores et. al, (2001) a degree of effectiveness was observed: 93.4% in group I, group II 88.6% and 90.3% in group III on. However, the importance of this research lies in providing an alternative control without triggering a resistance to this parasite.
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Or we could adjust the ph of the food syrup we are giving them to fortify the bee diet to help ward off viruses from the parasites.
They also use creosote bush and single seed juniper in their smoker for mites down there.
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