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New to the forum, 1 year keeping bees

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Hi everyone,

glad to be a part of this forum. I've been scouting it out for a couple of months now.
Started a hive for the first time last year that didn't make it thru the winter. Started this years hive on April 11.
Our hive is in our 92 year old neighbors back yard. The properties on her side of the street have a small creek running on the back side of the properties and their fences are blackberry bushes. Apple, pear, and plumb trees abound and on the other side of the of the creek is a large unused practice field for the High School filled with white clover flowers.

My wife is the daughter of a commercial bee keeper. Only now after 30 years has she come to terms with her bee keeping past and wanted a hive.

I look forward to learning and tapping into the wealth of information found here.

Oh, why BikerBee? I'm an avid motorcycle rider ('82 Yamaha 1100 turned bagger) my wife rides a Rebel 250 but will soon step up to a Shadow 1100. And my wife crafts all kind of bee stuff. Sorry for the bike talk... :cool: I wont do that on this site... unless asked. :D
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Welcome, BikerBee. Oregon is one of the states I have yet to visit, bit I hear it's bee-utiful. Sounds like the girls have lots to forage on.

Best of luck!
Welcome, good group of beekeepers down in oregon. sold my fj1200 and vmax. kinda wet up here.
I've only been up to the Seattle area and Enumclaw. Cousins and an Uncle up that way.
I've never figured out why Oregon gets all the "moss between the toes" jokes, and you all in WA get Starbucks... 'taint right.
Good morning and welcome... So have you decided to play with the bees or go on a long ride ? Ahhh choices.. Much success to you .
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