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Hello, my name is Canaan Best. I have heard a lot about this web forum from my husband, but did not find it necessary for me until he got mad when I wanted to post something under his name. He figured it would be best for me to get my own name and talk to people as myself and not him. I have been married to him for 1 1/2 years. Therefore, I've been a beekeeper for almost two. His family are commercial beekeepers, so I got thrown into the thick of things immediately. I have done a lot of beekeeping in a short amount of time. Now, I am queen rearing. I find this fascinating and enjoyable. I am raising Minnesota Hygenic queens and hopefully can turn it into a business within the next year. I have had a lot of success and am very happy with the way things are going so far. At this point, we are living in South Georgia and planning on staying here for awhile. It's been an interesting ride so far... :rolleyes:
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I think he just didn't want people to think he was a nice guy :D A class is a very good idea! There are a ton of breeders in Florida that I am sure would be happy to teach a class on it, this would help you learn more also!:eek: I mostly learned at this point from books and a lot of questions. However, I am signed up to go to Marla Spiveks class this summer to gain more knowledge! You can never know too much :eek:
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