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Hello Bee World!
I am Elated to no longer be a wannabee, but have a bee two or three or 400.
There's got to be poetry in there somewhere, or perhaps a country-western song or at least some rap lyrics

I built a top bar hive out of an old cedar fence my neighbor tore down; ripped the top bars from some two by fours scraps I had laying about; baited the hive with purée of lemongrass made in the blender with water then painted inside the cavity; rubbed the top bars with some antique batik wax; and in moved a swarm moved.

Actually two swarms moved in. But the first one was so hot and I was sick with a bad cold. So, I had a local beekeeper taken them away. I believe if I've been thinking straight, I would've kept them. The beekeeper left the hive in disarray, I let him take a half dozen or so bars. No sooner did I put the hive back together when another bunch moved in. That was two weeks ago.

As soon as I finish sewing a bee suit together I'm going to inspect the hive. That's probably this week as I obtained an old drapery sheer and cowboy hat from a local rummage sale.

These are some of the most gentle bees, they let me go right up next to them take to do some digital imaging.
I'm glad I let the hot hive go.

in Mesa, Arizona
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