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Hi all, im new to beekeeping and I have joined here to learn all u guys can teach me on a successful beekeeper. Im only into this hobby as a hobby and maybe in years to come maybe move up to something bigger. Im from Louisiana and I have mastered , cabinet building, furniture making, beer brewing, wine making , and many other hobbies but beekeeping has always been on my mind through all these hobbies. I know just about enough to get myself in trouble but I hope that changes.
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Welcome! I'm new to beekeeping as well but know enough to know your previous hobbies will serve you well in beekeeping. While making hives and frames may not be the highest form of carpentry, you will be ahead of the game for sure. If you already have a pneumatic staple gun you will be pleasantly surprised at how much work it will save you. Also, wine making and brewing dovetail very well with beekeeping. Nothing finer on a warm summer day then drinking a honey amber you made with your own honey!
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