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New to Beekeeping - Wilmington , NC

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Hey Everyone!

First time beekeepers here - we've learned a lot from our local beekeepers association beekeepers school and are excited for our bees to arrive!
We love everything outdoors so this was a natural next step for us.

Like most things we decide to dip our toes into we go all in - by that I mean we:
Built our hives from scratch
Did our own wax dip for our wooden goods
Built swarm boxes (8) and put them up around the county
Ordered Nucs as a backup to the swarm boxes.
Passed the state certification written exam (not required by any means but was a good way to end bee school)

Looking forward to learning a lot from y'all on this forum!
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Welcome to BeeSource, Cdawg. Looks like you are off to a great start, and have planned-ahead. That's smart.

I will look forward to reading about your beekeeping adventure.

Best of luck to you this year.

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