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New to beekeeping, Litchfield CT USA

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We inhereted a lot of equipment.
Started 2 hives this spring that seem to be doing well
Our knowledge base is quite limited
Could use help finding a drain valve for an INOX extractor
Thank you
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Welcome to Bee Source. See if you can find a local bee club and a mentor. Best of luck with your bees.
Welcome to Beesource.

I am glad to hear your first year is going well. Although I do not know where to go for parts for your extractor it appears according to a thread here that it is most likely Georgakis Inox. You could always try writing or calling.

You should consider joining BYBA, they have extractor days where you can use a few other members extractors. They also have a program to match new beeks with a mentor. They are in Southern Connecticut but I am sure they have members in your area.

Lastly, if you strike out in finding parts for your extractor you could rent one from Bee Commerce in Newtown, CT (right near Ferris Acres).
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Most extractor outlets are standard pipe thread, 1 1/2", if my memory isn't gone, is the most common. If there isn't a threaded outlet then a bucket honey gate will probably fit. Mann Lake and Betterbee should carry both types.
Thank you for all the info
Plan on extracting my first honey super today
Is there a preference between joining
CT beekeepers or BYbeekeepers?
Is there a preference between joining
CT beekeepers or BYbeekeepers?
I think both organizations are great, you should join both :). JK. I think it is all about which meetings are closer. I honestly haven't ever done much with CT Beekeepers because I live closer to the Back Yard folks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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