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New swarm?

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I decided to start a new thread due to I think this may be a new trap-out. I had taken all of the bees off of the house trap-out I was doing. There was no activity for over a week. I went there Wednesday to remove my equipment from the house and seal it up. First thing I seen when I drove up was bees flying around the entrance. As I got closer I could see bees coming out of my trap cone. I talked to the owner and he told me last Sunday there were bees flying all over his yard. He said towards the end of the day they clustered on the house about ten feet down the wall from the original entrance and then they formed a line going up the wall to a small crack in the bricks. I didn't know what to think so I went and got a nuc box with some drawn comb and foundation and placed it on my trap stand.

I made sure the crack in the bricks was sealed with caulk. I went back today and there was still bees coming out of the trap cone but not getting back in the crack in the bricks. There is already a lot of bees in the nuc box and building. Did another swarm slip in and is this a two-for trap-out?

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Is it possible that they were just robber bees come to steal all the honey left in the wall?
Or it's entirely possible it was a swarm that was attracted there because of the smell and happened to find a crack to go in. They should be easier to get out as they haven't settled in yet.
Either way Becky It looks like I get more bees. I figured they were robbers until they moved into my nuc box.
I am still dealing with this house trap-out. Every time I go over they have found a new way into the house. Not sure at this point if I am still dealing with the original queen or new swarm. I think I finally got them sealed today. A lot of bees have taken up residence in the nuc box I have there. When I removed the original trap box it was quiet for more than a week. I will be checking daily and caulking as I find entrances.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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