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I bought four honey supers from a beekeeper who was getting out of the biz. The supers have drawn out comb that has been destroyed partially by wax moths, but the keeper froze the supers for 24hrs and has been keeping them in garbage sacks with mothballs inside. He said that they will work fine and since the comb is drawn out the bees will love it. Did I get a good deal at $7 a honey super? I also bought a brood chamber for $10 with alternating plastic and wooden frames with foundation. Thanks for any help. Also, my bees have 8 out of 10 frames drawn out. Is it ok to have put another super on top? The super I have thrown on top is drawn out and kinda messed up looking from the moths.

Napthlene moth balls kill bees when used, but paramoth moth balls are okay for super storage and can be aired out and used.

The bees will redrawn the wax combs messed up by moths normally on a good honey flow. It saves them wax making time and helps you to thus gather more honey stores.

Don't know about the brood chamber super though. We run 4.9mm clean wax foundation and don't trust other stuff due to all the treatments being used around.

Just watch the bees and act accordingly.


Dee A. Lusby
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