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New split

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So I am in the process of doing my split - I have a deep drawn out full of bees and have placed a deep ( new) on it- should I mix some of the frames(checkerboard)?
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It depends on how warm the nights are and how crowded the bees are how much you can spread out a brood nest. Be careful or you'll end up with a lot of chilled brood and chalk brood...
I'm in central Texas this time of year we get into the 60's upper 50's at night - what do you think?
I would try to keep the brood somewhat consolidated at this point. Try moving 2 frames of brood up to the center of the new box, and push all the frames of brood in the lower box together, centered under the brood frames above. Put all the undrawn frames on each side in both boxes and let them expand outward for a while. It might be just a bit too early to open up the brood nest too much. That's my take on it, FWIW.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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