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New right away- what to plant?

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The gas company cut a new right away through our woods recently. There are nice glens on the sides that can be seeded with wild flowers. I live in Southwestern PA and was wondering what I should plant. I'd like to scatter natural seeds for our area and ones the bees will like. I've lost quite a few of the near-by fields that used to be sources of nectar.

Is there a place that is good to buy seeds from for this type of planting?
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Native flowering plants are your best bet. If you have any local master gardeners or people who specialize in native plants, they should be able to help you.
Milkweed for starters. Pods will be available soon for seeding. For other late summer and fall flowers, take a walk and see what they are on now and make a note to get those seeds. Aster and goldenrod come to mind but they will move in quickly on their own
For spring and early summer plants, think what grows in your area. Maybe you can buy a small amount of cover and treefoil. J
Thanks all for the ideas. I had thought of milkweed and sweet clover and was wondering what else.

Akademee- I would like to get in touch with someone like you mentioned but wasn't sure who or what organization to contact. I will ask at our local nursery though.
I like coneflowers. They bloom during July and August. Bees love them. They are tolerant of poor soil, and are drought tolerant.
Check with the State Agriculture Board or Penn State Ag. I believe there is a State sponsored pollinator program in Pennsylvania.
trefoil works fine, is an excellent bee plant, and will keep reseeding itself for years.
This topic is basically a rehash of:

What to Plant in 1/4 Acre
6a high desert- I am successful with wildflowers in my area. Best time to seed is fall and somewhat lesser is spring. I have horses so aged manure is mixed well in area, weeded and raked. Once area is ready, mix seed with sand to make it easier to spread. Then once it's scattered, walk all over it to get good soil contact. Not kidding. Thin and water as needed. Get a local mix from a local seed producer if you can find one. Successful wildflowers in my area include #1 phacelia. If you can grow it by all means do it. Huge nectar producer. Others include- poppies, gaillardia, toadflax, bachelors button, lupin, oxeye daisy, calendula, african daisy, coreopsis, flax. I'm also seeding borage (self seeds so watch it.) This area gets full sun. You can put seed down now but you will have to fuss over it until it's established. If you wait until fall, mother nature will help you.
Thank you everyone. You've given me some good advise. I hope to spread some seeds for this fall to begin with and go from there. Someone mentioned getting in touch with my local extention group and I'll do that too.

Thanks too for the types of flowers and places to buy. All helpful!!
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