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New Quart Jars

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Is it necessary to sterilize brand new out of the box quart jars prior to filling with honey?
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I say yes some say no I am always cautious when it comes to something that other people are going to consume so just throw them in the dishwasher or really hot water it doesnt take long and it gives me piece of mind
If the jars are clean and sealed from the factory I just fill them. If anything in a clean appearing container filled with an antiseptic hygroscopic fluid that can literally burst bacterial cell walls pulling the moisture out of them---it just doesn't matter, we will all die from it anyway.
I have always done it because it makes me feel better knowing they're as clean as they can be. The last jars I bought had a funny smell in them which made me want to even more. Can't hurt to give them a quick cleaning. Although it might not be necessary.
I have no doubts that there are times that people are bored, at work, on the canning jar assembly line and stuff happens! LOL I have nothing against a wash and a rinse! LOL
I noticed a fine mis- type residue on the inside of just-bought canning jars. I ran my finger on the inside and it smeared! Whatever it is, who wants that with their honey or other food! Ran them thru the dishwasher and the residue was still there. So, we hand washed them.
I tried to edit my post, but it would not take (again). It should read "mist-type". Another thing I cannot do is add icons like smilies. I also do not get email notifications of anything including additions to a thread I posted to. It is rather strange. (The perplexed smilie scratching its head would be
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