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Hello all,

I installed 3 packages of bees on Friday, 2 saskatraz queens and 1 italian. I direct released the queens and all hives seem to still have good bee balls in them. I haven't broken in to anything yet to check on them, but I built cathedral hives with windows on the side, so I can take a quick peek without disturbing anything. My hives 4 hives are in a square on the east side of my outbuilding where they get morning sun and afternoon shade. It has been about 70 during the day and 40's at night with pretty good sun since install. All hives have pollen patties inside on the floor (can't hang them on the bars in a top bar) and 2 internal feeders. All three hives are functionally identical.
My 2 saskatraz queens are on the outside and the italian on the southwest corner next to the building with the northwest hive empty in case I need a split or something someday. It made sense to have an extra just in case.

Anyway, all that to say my southeast hive just seems significantly less active than the others since immediately after the package went in. It just makes me a little worried. Bees are flying in and out, but in fewer numbers than the others. I had the rest of the cans in the packages on the ground in a tray in front of the less active hive because it seemed convenient and moved them today outside the immediate area. I'm wondering if it just isn't as warm for some reason and that's the problem. It looks like they are drawing comb, but I wasn't planning on getting in to check for another couple of days when I move my back boards to give them more space. They only have about 1/3 of the hive now.

I am planning to treat with OAV in the next couple of days before they get the first brood capped. I just finished my DIY provap.

Any thoughts?

My pictures of my apiary are upside down and I can't figure out how to fix it.


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