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New package with dead queen absconded, how do I level out my bees across hives?

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There a lot of threads regarding splits, and I've read several, but my question is pretty specific, so I'd like to ask it.

I'm a newbie and just did three Carniolan package installs a little over a week ago. My third package had a dead queen in it, and while my package source gave me a new queen immediately, the bulk of that package has absconded and the remaining handful of bees died.

My three hives are all together on the same stand about a foot apart. I did my first hive inspections this weekend, and hive 1 looks like it's got a good package of bees and is queenright. Hive 2 has a lot more bees and is also queenright. So, it looks like most of the absconding bees went to hive 2. Hive 3 is empty.

Normal Packed Empty
1 2 3

I'd like to get bees back in hive 3. I'd really like to try to have the girls raise their own queen there, if possible.

How would you get hive 3 going, if you were in the same shape? I know there will be different opinions, and I'm interested in all of them.

Additionally, I've got 6 acres and can move hive 3 a small distance away but not far.

Thanks for any thoughts you experienced beeks might have.

Brent in Kansas
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