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New Package - when to put 2nd box on.

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Hi there, its been 2.5 weeks for a new Carnolian package here in Coastal CT. One deep box to start. Plastic frames that they are building out like crazy. Maybe 7 or 8 built out.

Feeding syrup.

When should I put the next deep on?
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I believe it is important to get those outer frames built out, so move the outer frames in and combs that have started being drawn to the outside. As soon as that happens, take a frame of brood from the center of the bottom box and move it up and replace the hole with a frame of foundation. Congratulations on doing it right and having a booming colony so far! Just don't let them get too crowded. If you have been told you will get no surplus this year, ignore that and have a super ready in case your bees need it!

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I always pay a lot of attention after I start a package. Sometimes they go from hived to bursting in a real short period of time. In the spring, I err on the side of giving them another box sooner than later if the queen is laying real well.
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