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New package timeline

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I have helped some family members with their bees but I hived my first package about 3 weeks ago. The bees seem super gentile. They released the queen after about 5 days it looked like. I assume this because on the 8th day, I had 6 out of 8 frames fully drawn and eggs in the first 2 I pulled. Fast forward 2 weeks and I have 3 frames of open and capped brood, lots of pollen, and a little capped honey. Found the queen roaming around too. They are building comb everywhere so I added a 2nd med 8 frame. I hope it wasn't too soon.
My package arrived with maybe 20-30 dead bees total and in nearly 3 weeks I have only seen 2 more dead ones get dragged out. Saw them fight off 3 intruder bees one day but they seem to have been left undisturbed since then.
Should there be more brood, etc after the first 2 weeks or am I off to a good start? I think I can post a couple of pics if it helps.
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in 3 weeks and you have hive body and super filled I would say that is great start
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