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New package install

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I am picking up four more packages in the morning. The weather forecast starting at noon tomorrow is 20 to 30 mph wind for the next two days. Go ahead and shake them out or just place the package in the hive body for release?

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If it is not driving rain and below 45 shake them in. If it is truly nasty, put them in your garage for a couple days til it is not! Give them a light spraying with water or light syrup. Putting the cage in the box is never a good idea! It invariably results in a tangle of burr comb in the open space in and around the cage. Good luck.
Over the past few years I have installed 6 packages by placing them on top of the frames. I've never had a single one make a mess of comb. My 2 cents.
Thanks for the response. I think I got a beak. Looking at the weather report this morning they took out most of the high wind. Got a call early, my bees are running late. At one of his stops the customer was an hour and a half late for pickup.
Shake them in. The wind will keep them from drifting so much...
Things went well. All six are home and orienting. See how the look in the morning.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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