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OK, so I got my very firs nuc last night and put it into my hive this morning. Supplier said to start feeding. I put a five fame nuc into an eight frame deep. How long do I need to feed. I am in the Atlanta GA area.I was planning to wait until about 80% pf the empty frames were drawn before adding another brood box. Sound OK?
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-- you know when they are out of syrup the same way you know you are full from dinner!!!!!--- when they stop taking syrup -- you will have to not fill it up

one deep box not going to hold brood - they need at least 2 deeps or 3 med for brood area -

the queen will lay enough eggs in one day to fill a deep frame - and it takes 21 days before she can lay in the same spot again - so you need 20 deeps to make her happy --- anything less and she will up and swarm

hope this helps
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