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New nuc with supercedure cells

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I picked up a nuc from a very reputable local bee keeper on May 14. Checked the hive on May 21 and found 2 supercedure cells and the queen. It had only been a week so I hadn't planned on seeing a ton of new brood. I called the beekeep and they said to knock off the cells and check again in a few days. I checked after 5 days and had 3 new supercedure cells with upcaped larvae inside them. Called the beekeep back to give them an update and they said I can either wait for the hive to supercede or when they get more queens they'll call me. They were'nt sure when they would get them. I kinda don't want to risk waiting for supercedure. The queen is there and I think she is laying just not laying well. The hive still has about 3 1/2 frames of sporatic capped brood but not alot of eggs or larvae. What would you guys do? I was thinking about trying to find a queen thru someone else.
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Buy another queen that has already been mated and a proven layer. It will get you days ahead of allowing them to supercede your current queen. You can wait for the supercedure cells to hatch but you are about 45 days from having new bees hatch that way.
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