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I brought home my first bees this morning:). I got two nucs on medium frames, eight frames each. One was obviously stronger than the other and I put an empty box with foundation on that one when I got home as it was darn close to 90% drawn and filled. The second was a little less developed, maybe 60% across the frames and still needed some work before another box. Tonight, almost ALL the activity is around the stronger hive. There are bees coming and going at the weaker hive, but nowhere near the activity level of the stronger hive. Is it possible to have drift from one nuc to another? They are about 6 feet apart and have different style tops, as well as one having an extra box so they should be able to distinguish their own hive, right?

One other newb question. I was told by the seller to not feed them, just put them in place and let 'em go:s. Everything I remember reading or seeing said to feed for at least a little while. Any thoughts about this? Maybe a feeder on the weaker hive for a couple days? Thanks folks, I look forward to your insight.

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