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Hello All,

New member to this forum. This looks like a great site. I'm considering getting into beekeeping and am just starting the research. My current interests are riding motorcycles, cooking, and baking. I'm hoping to gather the knowledge to start next spring. Since I have no experience with beekeeping, other than loving honey, I certainly have a lot to learn.

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Great place to start, welcome. You might want to read through Michael Bush's entire website to start click here:
Highly recommended.
Good morning and welcome the the most rewarding time you will have, relax and know you are among friends.
Thanks everyone for the welcomes...I will check the recommended site. Thanks for the link!
Welcome! Definitely do lots of research -- read, read, read all you can! If you have a local beekeeping club, you might also see if they have any classes. Wishing you lots of luck in your new hobby (warning, it will suck you in!)
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