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New member from Indiana

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Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I am getting ready for my first year in beekeeping. I helped a friend two years ago start two hives from packages and then last year he added 3 more. This winter was brutal in Indiana and he lost all 5 hives by this spring. Anyway he built a bunch of hives this past winter and was planning to expand. He gave me a 8 frame hive with frames and a medium with frames. I am getting a package this weekend. My property joins against an apple orchard and the owner is kind enough to let me put my hives there. My wife is allergic and did not want them near our house. The orchard owner currently rents hives each spring and fall so he welcomed the opportunity to have hives on his property. Plus once I get some hives established it will be a good outlet for me to sell honey so it is a win win for both of us. I've spent the spring reading this and other forums and watching youtube videos, ready for my bees to get here!
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Welcome. I am a bit southwest of you in Indiana. Sounds like you are in a good situation with a mentor and orchard. Yes, it was a tough winter and rumors are we may be in for another. I wrapped my hives, made sure they were up to weight, put extra sugar bricks on, did mite test, and still suffered some losses which this forum is really helping me understand. Meanwhile, hope springs eternal. Enjoy your bees and bloom!
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