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New hives are looking good

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My son and I inspected our 2 hive today that we started on 4/10. We have been refilling the frame feeders every 3 days. We started going through the frames and he spotted the queen first on the third frame we looked at. We are new to this and with unmarked queens so I was pretty excited we found her. Put the frame back in and looked quickly at a few other frames. went to the next hive and I spotted the unmarked queen first this time, looks to be at least 3 almost full frames pulled and stored with sugar syrup and pollen in each hive. Some of the other frames are starting to be pulled. We didn't notice any eggs or larva in either hive but we did see a queen in each hive. Do things seem to be on track? I think so.. Using deep body boxes 10 frame (9) with frame feeder. Just wondering when we will see eggs or larva?
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Hi ,
We started our two hives from a package on 4/05/2014. Just finished looking at them. We have sugar syrup capped, pollen, capped brood and larvae that can be seen. I couldn't see any eggs, but my wife with here super strong telephoto took pictures and looking at them we can. A week ago we didn't have anything capped and no brood or larvae we evident. Its amazing how fast the changes occur. We have 8 frames in a 10 frame deep and two removed for a frame feeder. Both hives have built out at least partially five frames.
everything seems to be on track. I think the eggs are already in there you guys just missed them as they are hard to see (very small) until you get used to looking for them and seeing them a few times. Give them a week or so and I think you'll see capped brood the next time you inspect, or at least older larvae that you can't miss. Continue feeding 1:1
It's great you have your son to share all this with.
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