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New Hive - When to add more hive bodies

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I am a very new beekeeper, but I have read about it on the internet so that makes me an expert right? :D

A few days ago I got a 5 frame nuc put in a standard 10 frame deep. For hive bodies i have two more deeps and two mediums. So my question is should I add another deep or a medium and when?

And yes I have this odd assortment of hive bodies because they were given to me.
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I am thinking you have your deep on the bottom and going to run two deeps then add the mediums? Add another deep when they get about 8 frames filled out on the bottom deep. I dont know if your adding frames with foundation or comb, if its just foundation pull a frame of brood and install in your next box, it will help them to draw out comb for you. If they are drawing out comb keep the feed to them 1-1 sugar syrup to help them draw it out until they quit taking it.

Have fun and good luck ! Hope this helps you some.
Add the 2nd deep when (on a warm day) there are bees in all seams (spaces between frames) in your single deep. If you have to judge on a colder day, go by the number of frames that are drawn out. If the bees have at least started drawing the outside frames you are probably good to go with adding the 2nd box. I think it is better to wait until the bees truly need the extra space. When adding the 2nd box move a one or two frames of brood with attached bees from the outside edge of the cluster in the bottom box to the center of the newly added top box, replacing the frames with drawn comb if I have it, or foundation if I don't.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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