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You are behind the eight ball. Ideally you would have 2 deeps and a medium drawn out and nearly filled with nectar/honey. Do you have any more drawn frames?
You need to know where you stand so yes, inspect the bottom box. It is time to manage for winter. Ideally, Brood and stores lower deep, small brood nest in upper deep (2-4 frames) in the center ,remainder stores and medium super totally filled with honey or sugar syrup.
I would advise you look up insulated follower boards and consider reducing the hive, especially if you don't have more comb. Fewer frames per box will allow you to add another box on top which would be wall to wall sugar syrup,honey.
Despite your flow, I would feed them right now. Try getting more comb drawn using Oldtimers method. J
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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