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new guy from nz

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Hi all you BK;s hows it all going where ever you all are from, I am from New Zealand and have been keeping bees now for about 5-6 years , i am in my 2nd year and about to go into my 3rd year of varroa, fun.
I'am also about to go into my 2nd year with plastic frames. this is where i could do with a little bit of help from those of you that are using them, the thing is "How do you get the bees to use them, i have rubbed bees wax on them only to have the bees remove it. I have tried putting them in the hive as every 2nd frame only to have the bees expand the wax out even further on the old wax frames, i look forward to abit of a chat on this thanks," bees are cool "
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Welcome, Bees are the same everywhere. I have had the best success by only adding plastic foundation during a good flow, while feeding sugar syrup, or giving them to a new swarm. They will draw a whole super in a week under those conditions.
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