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New from Castle Rock, Colorado

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I'm new here at the Bee Source, but have been keeping bees for almost 30 years here in Douglas County, Colorado ( just south of Denver). At one time I ran about 60 hives but am now down to a handful and looking to get that back up around a dozen or two. I've had successes and failures and look forward to more. Both are good lessons to learn. I'm comfortable with the thought of becoming a semi-retired beekeeper. I just hived 4 new packages to supplement the 2 hives that made it through last winter. Need to go mix up some more syrup for them as they arrived without a drop and gulped a quart each overnight. 'Looking forward to learning & sharing some of what I've learned...
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Welcome to BeeSource! Spent four years in Colorado about 40 years ago near Colorado Springs. I know it has really changed since then!
Thanks Gary,

This sure is a busy place! More information than one could hope for and oh-so-many questions.

I grew up in the Springs, 30-50 years ago - hived my first swarm down there, but I was just a "bee-haver" back then - someone else provided all the equipment & know how. I just provided a place for them to stay.

Are you down in Lamar now?
Lamar County in west Alabama. Haven't been back to Colorado since the early 80s. Enjoyed being there and traveling around the state. You'll pick up a lot of info in the different forums. Beekeeping has really changed since I first helped with the family's bees a long time ago in Arkansas when I was a kid. Good luck with your new hives.
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