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Louise The Goat – KM051​

Tonight we released Episode fifty one of our beekeeping podcast. The podcast is done by Gary and Margaret who are beekeepers from New Zealand. We interview beekeepers from around the world and discuss tips and tricks about beekeeping.

In this episode we talked about:-

  • Preparing for spring (It's winter in New Zealand)
  • Margaret’s observations on the bees at this time of year.
  • Heartbreak at kiwimana HQ
  • New Zealand Scientist awarded international honor
  • Beehives been stolen around New Zealand
  • A warning about Bee Friendly plants
  • The Harvard study about Neonicotinoids and Bee Health
  • Michigan residents lost their ‘right to farm’
  • Sarah Red-Laird talk about 'How to Save Bees'

You can listen to the show on this page:-
Louise The Goat – KM051

Or you can subscribe in itunes HERE

Did you like the show, please reply to this message :)
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