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Hello all:

Last nite, we held our second meeting to get our beekeeping club going. We have a drawn up charter for the rules, etc.

We would love to have any and all who are interested in bees, whether young or old, and you don't have to pay dues just to attend and see how you like it.

This is going to be a good thing. We named it "Southwest La. Beekeepers", and we'd like to extend a big welcome to all. We know there are lots of East Texas beekeepers close by, especially Newton country and also Burkeville, Tx. We would love to have all with us.

L.S.U. and our local "parish" ("county") agent will be our facilitator. If you need info/etc. please let me know. We are getting started, and will have a data base of email addresses, etc.

Thank you all for reading this,

[email protected]
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