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I was a little unsure of where to put this post. As it is not a paid service and I get no money etc from this I thought it would be appropriate to post this announcement here.

Today, myself and friend of mine Jye launched Honey, I’m Home - Australia’s first beekeeping podcast. There are four episodes to guide you through the basics of what it takes to start and keep bees. Two more coming next week. There’s plenty of fun content for anyone who just wants to know more about these incredible insects and their impact on our planet.

Please listen and share with anyone who you think would enjoy it. We’re incredibly proud of the work and the people who helped make it happen - in particular Rob Peters and Jean Heaton. Remember to review and subscribe - it makes all the difference in this first week.

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

For Android users try Spotify:

We have two more episodes scheduled over the next weeks with some bonus content in between. Enjoy.

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