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I'm a new beekeeper, just got my first bee package yesterday. My wife and I are looking forward to this whole bee thing, should be really symbiotic with the garden she is planting.

A question: yesterday when I was preparing to install the package, I was out on the porch getting ready to put the wax foundation in the frames for the hive body. I stepped away for a minute, and a big wind came along and blew the foundation off the porch, where it broke into lots of pieces. I figured I had to get the bees installed since I could see many were dying in the package. So what I did was install the package in a medium super (for which I had frames with foundation) instead of into the hive body.

I figured that once they fill up the medium super, I'll install the hive body over it after ordering new foundation. Is this OK? Am I setting myself up for any disasters by doing this?

Thanks for any advice.

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