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New beekeeper in New York

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I just put my bees in their new home yesterday. I am so very eager for the next visit! It was an awesome experience! I'm curious about what they are doing today's since it's only 40 degrees. I have gotten a few opinions about pollen patties. Still undecided. What is your opinion?? :)
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Americasbeek, how do you add your link to the bottom of each post you do?
Welcome to Beesource!

If your new bees are 'package' bees and have no established comb, syrup should be offered as they need to build comb fast. The first priority for your new bees will be to build some comb.

My opinion is that it is likely that pollen is more readily available to them, and pollen substitute is of little benefit if pollen is available.

The best use of pollen sub is to get bees to raise more bees earlier than they would based on local conditions. That may be a good thing if you are planning on pollinating almonds, or selling bees to new beekeepers in the spring, but may be of less value for installing a package when pollen is available.
Thank you! Is there a recipe to make make a pollen patty of would I be better off purchasing one?
Welcome to you...

Assembling hives at the kitchen table? Completed hives in the house?

I'm going to guess your single or soon to be ! :)
What kind of comment is that? That's a little rude.
My intent wasn't to offend.
Just a joke, I'll explain.. Sometimes beekeepers are involved in relationships with people that may not share our enthusiasm. The zeal many beekeeper have (myself included) can lead to creative use of resources not originally purchased for beekeeping. This forum is a nice place to talk, laugh and occasionally commiserate with folks that may share or understand our perspective as it relates to beekeeping. I'm here to learn and of course I enjoy the forum so also to have fun.
I'm sorry that you are hypersensitive.
Sorry, I thought you were being serious. It's Hard to see humor though the computer. But I see what you were saying now. Thanks for explaining though. :)
It's all good!
Welcome ...Nice blog thanks for sharing
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