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Good morning, All. We just took possession of two nucs on June 20th. On that day, we put them in their new homes and returned the following weekend to check on them. Both queens were out of their protective container. One hive appeared to be doing quite well...were quite noisy and flew about checking me out when I opened their hive. The other hive was not quite as well off. They appeared sluggish, didn't fly quite as much...

We just went out for our second check. The first hive continues to look like it's doing well. I think I saw some brood, but pollen and nectar are being collected. Yay. The second hive is almost gone! They had not been using the sugar syrup concoction and there were very few bees in the hive or the box. Those that were continued to be sluggish, didn't fly much and were not at all bothered by me taking the frames out to inspect. I did not see the queen in either hives but on the second hive I did see some larvae in cells. The only problem here is that the larvae was not in any particular pattern but were spread out and about throughout the frames. I am very concerned about this one hive! I called the company from which I purchased the nut but were told to email them. The email said that they were going to be on family vacation for 2 weeks so I might not get a response until it is way too late to save this hive!

I would appreciate any and all suggestions or thoughts on my post!!!

Thank you so much in advance!!
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