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New Beek. Had bees 7 days now. Need inspection help.

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Gathered 2 swarms, both bugged out after about 2 or 3 days. Broke my heart.

Finally I got a chance at a rather impressive hive. Built the “Bushkill Bee Vac” and it worked great, GREAT!! I think I sucked probably 12-15,000 bees into a deep box of 10 frames with plasticell. There was a screened divider and then a Medium super. Into the super I put 5 frames of brood comb held in by rubber bands. Then I pulled the screen from the divider and WOOSH. The bees in the deep flooded into the super. I could hardly lift the strapped together vacuum and boxes into my truck. (Picture) Finally I got it home and in place and cooked down to a screened bottom board, a deep, and a super (containing the comb) toped with a feeder and a pollen patty on the frame tops in the super. (Picture) I am so happy. I have had bees for 7 days now. They are dragging in yellow pollen. (Picture) With the removal of the vacuum boxes I was able to see that they were beginning to draw out new comb. SO I THINK EVERYTHING IS GOING RIGHT. My first real inspection is coming up in a few days and I’m wanting to look into that deep with the 10 new frames. I know well that there are a great many bees in the super up on top but I have no idea where the queen is likely to be. At inspection do I split those boxes and look into the deep? How do I know the queen won’t fall out of the super when I lift it up
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