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New Beek. Had bees 7 days now. Need inspection help.

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Gathered 2 swarms, both bugged out after about 2 or 3 days. Broke my heart.

Finally I got a chance at a rather impressive hive. Built the “Bushkill Bee Vac” and it worked great, GREAT!! I think I sucked probably 12-15,000 bees into a deep box of 10 frames with plasticell. There was a screened divider and then a Medium super. Into the super I put 5 frames of brood comb held in by rubber bands. Then I pulled the screen from the divider and WOOSH. The bees in the deep flooded into the super. I could hardly lift the strapped together vacuum and boxes into my truck. (Picture) Finally I got it home and in place and cooked down to a screened bottom board, a deep, and a super (containing the comb) toped with a feeder and a pollen patty on the frame tops in the super. (Picture) I am so happy. I have had bees for 7 days now. They are dragging in yellow pollen. (Picture) With the removal of the vacuum boxes I was able to see that they were beginning to draw out new comb. SO I THINK EVERYTHING IS GOING RIGHT. My first real inspection is coming up in a few days and I’m wanting to look into that deep with the 10 new frames. I know well that there are a great many bees in the super up on top but I have no idea where the queen is likely to be. At inspection do I split those boxes and look into the deep? How do I know the queen won’t fall out of the super when I lift it up
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It would be good to check to see if you have a laying queen, she could of been damaged, start at the top and look for eggs in the cells, the queen will probably be close by, if you dont see eggs then look for them making a queen cell,if you dont see that, then you need to look into buying a queen, take your time, you have done everything right to this point, congrats
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