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I have just got my bees last Thursday. I put them in an eight frame Langstroth hive. I ordered Russian VSH bees for my first time. I put them in and put a top feeder on. I been out there every day since watching them. I have noticed yesterday that there was a lot more activity around and in the entrance. I believe that the queen is out. The way they were acting it seems that they are really going to work. I made a mistake and didn't put anything in the top feeder for them to stand on and opened it and noticed a site of about 200 bees drowned. I put in some screen to stop that from happening again. Is it ok to check the feeder every other day? I can't wait till Thursday to open up the hive and see what they are really up to. These bees seem very gentle. I sit only two to three feet away watching them and they just land on me once in a while and fly off. When I hived the package, I put my veil on, no gloves, short sleeve shirt, and only got one little bit on my wrist. I don't even think the stinger stayed. When I check the feeder I don't even wear my veil. Now this is my first hive, but I feel very comfortable with these bees. I want four hives by the end of the year, is that possible? I live in Alabama. Or should I wait till next April to start new hives after this on gets established? I have read about thirty books on the subject of beekeeping, and feel comfortable when it comes down to this exciting adventure. I am already so excited, all my co-workers now about them and just keep asking me about my bees. Thanks. Dan. Alabama Beekeeper
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Welcome! 1. Yes it is OK the check your feeder. 2. If you mean to split this hive three times this year....this is fairly late in the year, coming into dearth time in most places, so I personally would not try to split this hive this year, best to give them time to build and get strong for winter. One last thing you should know, most all bees are gentle when they are a small, weak hive but their demeanor can and will change when they get strong. Many new beeks get confused when their hives get strong and are no longer kittens, just a heads up.:)
Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking it would be late but wasn't sure. Thanks for your post.
I went out today to check my top feeder. Only been two days. It only holds a two litter bottle of sugar water. I am using 5 pounds sugar to 2 quarts water. It was empty. Do they actually use that much? Or am I getting some others over for super? I haven't noticed any others over when I am watching, but just wondering if I should make a little stronger sugar water or just feed more often?
they can eat alot sometimes i would just keep checking it every couple of days like youre doing now, a stronger solution like 2 to 1 is generally only used in the fall if they are still light on stores going into winter, you have a couple of months before you have to worry about that and with any luck you may not be feeding at all by then.
ok. Tommorrow I get to open the hive for the first time. I've been out there three times today just watching. Seems like not a lot of activity outside the hive, so I put my ear on the side of the hive. Couldn't hear much. Of course I am kind of deaf anyway. Getting ansy to open the hive and see how much has happened in a week. I will keep just checking every two days and keep the same ratio. I hope in a couple months to have all drawn out and a good hive. :thumbsup::applause: Thanks.
I will let you all know how my first hive inspection goes. I have to work nights tonight so it will probly be an early inspection. Around 8 or 9 in the morning. :D
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